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Magnetic parquet for raised access floors

Magnetec real wood floors with magnetic base allowing full access to underfloor communications. Individual planks can be easily removed or replaced and it’s usually takes up to 1 minute to get a full access to underfloor void. Our magnet floors will work well with various steel encapsulated flooring systems including Kingspan, JVP, Lindner and many others.

raised access floors wooden flooring
real wood floor for raised access floors

Benefits of Magnetec flooring

Access to services void in less than 1 minute

Underlay is not required

Ideal solution for offices and retail spaces

Huge variety of finishes available

No need to use adhesives or sealants

Fast and effortless installation

Sustainable oak from European forests

Extremely competitive price

Easy to remove & replace damaged floor planks

Explore the product in one of London showrooms

Reusable and Recyclable

parquet wood flooring for raised floors
magnetic flooring raised access floors
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Loose Lay Engineered Flooring

Thanks to its pioneering magnetic base, Magnetec is quick and easy to remove. Using the standard lifting device you can simply lift up any part of the floor in seconds if an individual floor panel needs to be repaired or replaced. Installation of Magnetec wooden parquet for raised access floors is twice quicker than using glue or underlay so it will save you time and money.

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Quick Access to Underfloor void

Simply lift the magnetic wood plank to have a full access to metal raised floor panels and underfloor communications. The whole process should take less than 1 minute.

Bespoke Magnetic Flooring

Our magnetic floors are available in various finishes and textures including prime and rustic grades, smooth and textured planks, lacquered, UV oiled & natural oiled. Our width standard is 160mm but we can produce any required size.

Speedy & Effortless Installation

Magnetec flooring will reduce downtime for refurbishments as it's two times faster to install comparing with standard tongue and grove floors. With Magnetec LooseLay system you will gain access to the service void in less than 1 minute.

Sustainable, reusable & recyclable

Magnetec hardwood flooring is lay dry which means no underlays, adhesives or sealants are required for installation. If you are moving your office the flooring can be easily removed and installed in new place.