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Magnetec / Product

Effortless Installation

Please check the installation video on your left. As you can see we are using dry lay method of installation and don’t require any glue or adhesives. The magnetic flooring can be installed straight on the top of the metal raised access panels without any sub-floors or underlays.

Two times faster installation comparing with traditional methods

Dry lay method is used - no need to use glue or any other adhensives

Flooring is installed straight on the raised access floor metal panels

Services We Offer

If you are looking for one stop solution we can offer you supply & installation of raised access floors from well known manufacturers, supply & installation of real wood parquet. For more details please contact us by email or phone 07456525063.

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Installation of magnetic flooring 0
Supply & Installation of raised access floor systems 0
Raised access flooring oak magnetic

Quick Access to Underfloor Void

As you can see from the video you will require less than 1 minute to gain a full access to the underfloor communications. With our loose-lay magnetic flooring system you can reconfigure working desks, sockets, layouts and other furniture easily.

Gain full access to services void in less than 1 minute

Reconfigure desks and other furniture without any hassle


Magnetec flooring is available in two depths – 12.5mm (as standard) or 16mm (by request). The thickness of the plank depends on such factors as thickness of the top layer – real wood veneer (3.5mm or 4mm), plywood base (8.5mm or 11.5mm). We use directional Anisotropic Magnet for exceptional magnetism.

Solid oak veneer 3.5mm or 4mm

Plywood base 8.5mm or 11.5mm

Anisotropic directional magnet 0.5mm

Widths: 150mm, 160mm, 170mm (or by request)

Lengths: Fixed 1200mm or combination 1000mm-2000mm

Oak architectural finish for raised access floors

Grades of our parquet

We usually offer either Prime or Rustic oak grades depending on your preference. Please let us know your requirements. Prime grade flooring is usually more expensive, however Rustic grade floor looks amazing and as practical as the Prime.